Lake Albert Public School

Strive and succeed

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About our school

Lake Albert Public School has been providing quality education for the local community since 1868.

The school community is founded upon the principles of:

  • every child has the right and responsibility to learn
  • every teacher has the right and responsibility to teach
  • every parent/carer has the right and responsibility to be involved in their child's education.

The school motto of Strive and Succeed are underpinned by the values of being kind, polite, safe and tidy. Students are provided with many opportunities in the academic, cultural, sporting and social areas with our aim being to develop valuable members of the community.

Student Welfare is very important with programs aimed at encouraging positive behaviour as well as addressing inappropriate behaviour such as bullying.

There are a number of composite classes in stages 2 and 3 with a total of 18 mainstream classes across the school. The school also has an IO class for students with a moderate intellectual disability.

The school intends to achieve its aims through:

  • Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Community Participation
  • Positive Climate and Good Discipline

For more information download our information booklet (PDF 351KB)